August 3, 2021
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To help ease your baby's transition to solid foods, keep in mind the following guidelines :


  • start solids sometime between 4-6 months, once your baby is showing signs of being ready and can eat from a spoon
  • an iron fortified rice cereal is usually the first solid food that your baby should eat
  • experiment to find the best time to feed your baby solids, for example before, after, or at a separate time from formula or breastfeeding
  • to easily detect food allergies, only give one new, single ingredient food at a time, and wait 3-4 days before introducing another.
  • begin with just a teapsoon or less when you are first introducing solids and then slowly increase to a tablespoon or more as your baby gets the hang of eating solid foods
  • after rice cereal, consider moving on to other cereals, like oatmeal and barley, and then introduce strained vegetables, fruits and lastly, meats
  • continue to offer your baby an iron fortified cereal even after you introduce other solid foods, as it is a good source of iron or your growing infant
  • talk to your Pediatrician if your baby won't eat any solids by the time he is 7-8 months old


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