December 3, 2023
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Since it first became popular in the '90s, laser eye surgery has helped millions of people see clearer and feel more confident in their every day life. Although the Lasik treatments are now routine, many individuals still find themselves nervous or uninformed about what the procedures actually entail. If you are interested in laser treatment to help correct your vision and want to know more about the process, read on to learn more.

Lasik eye surgery is almost always in-patient and requires relatively little recovery time. Once a client has been accepted by a doctor's office that preforms laser treatments, they will be seated in a normal medical chair. A pain killer will be applied to the eye, via drops. Their eyelid will be secured to prevent blinking, which can hinder the operation.

Once the eye has been secured, a tiny incision will be made along the along the cornea. This will create a tiny flap that the care provider will then lift up. This is generally considered the most uncomfortable portion of the treatment but there is little pain.

With the flap lifted up, the laser portion of the laser surgery will begin. By burning away portions of the interior of the eye, correcting the physical malformations which cause poor vision. This is painless and the patient will only be aware of a flashing light as it occurs. Once the laser has finished fixing the interior of the eye, the surgically created flap will replaced and the healing can begin.

Although a safe, easy procedure, it is important to follow your surgeons post operative instructions after laser eye surgery. These usually entail regular antibiotic eye drops and a few other preventative measures. In most cases, the only day of work a patient will miss will be the day of the operation. Consult with your physician for more information about a potential laser eye treatment.

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