December 2, 2023
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Excessive coloring and styling can make hair lifeless, dull and worn. Here is the recipe for a healthy and shiny hair.

Start with a visit to the hairdresser to get a good conditioning treatment and cut off the worn and dry ends. This should be done at least every 12 week. Invest in good hair products to match your hair type. Bleached and brightened hair needs products with protein to rebuild the hair. Color your hair, it is wise to use products suitable colored hair to retain color longer.

You should have two different conditioning treatment, a proteinkur and a damp shed. Use protein cure fixed once a week. One of the great products on the market is moroccan oil which keeps your hair healty and nurished all the time, if you use it proper of course.

Wash your hair every other day with a nourishing shampoo. Spending a lot of styling products, you can benefit from using a cleansing shampoo once a week. Look for a shampoo that is marked "detox."

If you have normal , healthy hair that is colored, you do not invest in expensive hair shampoo. But the very cheapest varieties often contain ingredients that lie outside of the hair and scalp, and eventually can cause irritations. There are many good shops online where you can buy hair shampoo into a far cheaper price.

Make sure your hair is wet through before you shampoo. Massage the scalp lightly with your fingertips. Always shampoo hair twice, once to remove debris, and once to really wash your hair.

For most it is unnecessary to wash your hair every day. Can you keep up to every other day or every third, this is better for your hair. For frequent washing can increase the natural fat production in the hair and thus create an imbalance in both hair and scalp. If you use a lot of hair products on daily basis, you can wash your hair every day and have a balm in tips.

The hair must be dry towel when you have the conditioning treatment. Recommended applying time is usually five minutes. Protein Courier should not be used beyond the recommended duration of action, as it can dry out hair. There are cures that will work overnight. For an extra lounge effect, you can wrap your hair in plastic wrap. It retains the heat so care ingredients penetrates deeper into the hair shaft.

Always use conditioner after conditioning treatment, even after moisture cure. Conditioner closes the shell layers of the hair after treatment.

Do you often have flat and greasy hair, it may be because you use too much conditioner or a conditioner that is too strong. Avoid applying conditioner throughout the wholehair, use it for the bottom ten centimeters. This is where the need is greatest, and scalp have not benefited from heavy balm.

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