December 3, 2023
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People often blame a poor metabolism for their weight gain or inability to lose weight, but when you really think about it, what controls your metabolism?  While there is definitely some genetic impact, there are also ways to increase your metabolic rate and help yourself out a little bit instead of complaining and placing the blame on something else.  If you are wondering how to increase metabolism, you first need to answer the question, “What is metabolism?” 

Increasing you metabolism will definitely make it easier to burn fat, have more energy, and replace your fat with muscle, but you won't really know what to do if you don't know how your metabolism works.  The whole key of conquering your weight is to know what controls your metabolism.


Metabolism is a combination of various physical and chemical processes known as catabolism and anabolism.  Anabolism is the phase in which cells in your body synthesize protoplasm to grow and repair themselves.  Catabolism is the more destructive phase of metabolism where complex substances are broken down into smaller compounds to be used to create energy for your body to keep going. 

When these two phases are put together, they help distribute all the necessary nutrients throughout your body, which are absorbed through your blood stream after you digest your food.  Now that you know what metabolism really means, you are one step closer to being able to increase your metabolic rate.

To fully understand how to increase metabolism, you also need to know what factors affect your body's ability to break down food into useful nutrients.  The three main factors that affect your metabolism are the rate at which your body uses energy for its own processes, the rate at which you burn energy during physical activity, and the rate you use energy during the food digestion process. 

To improve your metabolic rate, all you need to do is alter what you eat and get exercise on a regular basis so you can speed up these important processes.  The quickest way to increase your metabolic rate is to exercise.  Exercising with a normal, daily routine will help your body more than anything else you can do.  When combined with a healthy diet, exercise will bring your metabolic rate to levels that you never thought were possible.  Now that you know how to increase your metabolism, you will be able to lose that weight you thought you'd never be able to shed.

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